Thoughts on What Star Wars is About: The Cyclical Struggle of Good and Evil

In the article What Star Wars is About: The Cyclical Struggle of Good and Evil a peek at what the star wars saga is about to different people is given. There is a wide gap between the core story of Anakin Skywalker and the stories that make up the universe, and depending on what portion a person glimpses they may acquire a different view into what Star Wars is about.

The most interesting piece of information I learned from this article is that apparently George Lucas views the Star Wars saga as the life of Anakin Skywalker, though he has given his approval on the stories that make up the expanded universe he really doesn’t view them as part of the story. If this is true it would explain why the clone wars series was made instead of opting for one of the series such as the Young Jedi Knights series which would not need nearly the amount of bogus information in it to be exciting and kid friendly. However after reading books that date thousands of years in the past, and tens of years in the future I find the view of only Anakin Skywalker’s life to be only a small piece of the story that while significant is much to small to limit the Star Wars universe to.


Thoughts on Why I’ve Given Up on Star Wars at Last

In the article Why I’ve Given up on star wars at last Paul Tessi touches base on how the star wars franchise has been declining. His main point that most of the star wars movies/TV shows/ games are targeted towards younger audiences and much of the plot is being lost because of it.

For the most part I agree with Tessi that much of what Lucas has done with the star wars franchise recently has not been anywhere near the greatness that the original movies were. However unlike Tessi I don’t think that the focus towards younger generations is where star wars started to degrade.  Rather I believe that it is due to the loss of the plot, and lack of knowledge the people developing the new star wars media have. Take the clone wars for example. Yes it’s aimed at younger generations, but what makes true Star Wars fans hate it is that the writers have very little knowledge of the star wars universe. Battle droids don’t have personalities, Dengar is a minor bounty hunter that is younger than Boba, Dathomir was a prison planet. Sure the writers of the clone wars series are aiming the show towards younger audiences, but what makes the show so bad is that very little in the show holds true within the greater Star Wars universe.


Thoughts on Who Uses Facebook and Why

Who Uses Facebook and Why by Homero de Zuniga and Sebastian Valenzuela is an article that incorporates information from a number of surveys to tell who uses social networking sites such as facebook.

Overall this was an interesting article. While a lot of the information was expected the numbers are able to give a more solid grasp of just how powerful social networking has become. At the point when the article was written 1 in every 3 Americans were on facebook. So in just 5 years facebook became a one of the most well known web sites in America.(facebook was created in 2004 – The statistics in the article are from 2009) There are very few if any businesses/web sites/organizations if any that can claim that sort of growth. The capabilities that are given by social networking sites is quite impressive, and the way in which facebook gives users there privacy while still allowing them to connect with who they want to is a powerful feature.

One of the more surprising things I obtained from this article is that Caucasians had a lower percentage using social networking sites then any of the other races surveyed. My guess on how this came about is because of the Baby Boomer generation. People talk of how there were a lot of people in this generation ant most of them are within the age where computers are not second nature to them.

While I’m sure that some of the information has changed since the article was written Who Uses Facebook and Why is a very informative article that is able to make a person wonder just how powerful social media really is.


Thoughts on Growing Up Online

After watching the video about growing up online I have to say that for the most part I seem to agree with many of the kid’s point of view. Although the fact that I practically grew up online and that the kids in the video are probably only a couple years younger than me may play a part in it.

The internet is a world within itself and for some the person they are online is a better representation of who they really are then the person they are within the physical realm. When we are online the viewpoints and expectations that people have for only exist at a fraction of the places we go, and we can find a place with others who exhibit the same views as an identity we may choose to create. Yes I’ll admit that there are those who give more information or post items that are easily traced back to them that may haunt them later, but for the most part we know what we are doing.

The fears that parents may have about their teen finding something that they shouldn’t, or being approached by a predator may be there, but they are somewhat outdated. When the social networking sites started gaining major audiences the predators gained access to an audience that till that point did not largely exist online. However now that the teens have been living online they have a much better grasp of just what and who is out there with them and can avoid unwanted attention. As for the finding things their parents don’t want them to…well good luck. Many children today are technologically capable enough to work their way around many of the firewalls and surveillance programs and may just take their parents trying to block them as a challenge. Kids do have a tendency to rebel against their parents and if they want to find it they will.